Variovac is a German brand which was founded in 1970 by Peter Sakeschitz and Klaus Pouhel. Today the company produces high quality equipment for packing a wide range of products. In the list of countries cooperating with the German company there are more than 50 states of the world.

Benefits of Variovac package

The time when the package served only to protect products from contamination and external influence has gone. Today it has greater possibilities. Materials with barrier properties used for it meet sanitary requirements. Application of Variovac packaging equipment is permitted by the European quality standards.

Modern package provides as follows:

  • Protection against adverse external environment;
  • keeping products in its original form;
  • ensuring safety of consumers, buying the products;
  • the extension of the shelf life of food products;
  • creating an attractive appearance of products;
  • guarantee of product preservation during transportation over long distances.


The use of high quality materials to produce equipment ensures hygienic production. The company’s machines allow products to be packed in airtight containers. Due to this air can’t get inside. Thus, the natural properties are preserved and the shelf life of the product is extended.

Where can you buy Variovac equipment

On equipment of world brands including German are offered for sale. Here users can place ads of their goods for sale and look for the products they need. There is both new equipment, and previously-used one in good condition. You also can buy equipment of a reliable brand from the brand’s representative in your country.