Tetra Pak

In 1952, Ruben Rausing founded Company Tetra Pak, which produces equipment for the food industry. This famous Swiss brand, with headquarters in Pully, produces machines for processing and packaging of liquid products. Using its own technologies the company help preserve the quality of products.

The equipment supplied by Tetra Pak

The preservation of the products characteristics at all stages of processing is at the basis of the brand activity. When developing the equipment the company's employees consider the design hygiene. The machine elements, which are in contact with the products, are made of materials that comply with the sanitary standards. The availability of parts of devices for cleaning is also taken in account.

Saleable equipment for the food industry:

  • Pasteurizers;
  • separators;
  • machines for dispensing of beverages, extraction;
  • machines for the production of ice cream, etc..


With the help of the company's units production of delicious natural ice cream can be organized. For preparation of the basis of the product mixers are used. A homogeneous mass is prepared from a number of products. The company’s filling equipment is characterized by high dispensing precision. This reduces the consumption of raw materials. Effective freezing is provided by freezers. Good speed of the process ensures the preservation of the taste characteristics of ice cream. At the end the product is packed in Tetra Pak materials. Exception of the contact of hands with the product during the process meets hygiene requirements.

Where is it more profitable to buy the Tetra Pak's machines

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