Starting its business in 1964, the Austrian brand Supervac produced vacuum packaging systems of two types. They were one-and two-chamber units. Over the years, the plant has expanded its capacity and product range. Today the company supplies equipment to 51 countries around the world.

Supervac’s priorities

The versatility is the basic feature of the equipment. Many of the units can be used for various spheres of activity. This may be the production of sausages and hams, cheese manufacturing, fresh meat processing, and others. When producing meat products it is very important to choose the appropriate product package. It influences the eating qualities preservation and the product exterior. To pack your product, use the GK Supervac semi-automatic line of vacuum packers.

Company Priorities:

  • Hygiene. The use of high quality materials guarantees compliance with sanitary standards in food products processing
  • innovation. The company’s employees monitor the market trends. Therefore you can be sure that the most modern equipment is of top-priority;
  • saving. economical use of resources is accounted in the devices development;
  • quality. The company carries out regular quality control. Therefore the company provides a guarantee on its goods;
  • service. After buying  equipment technical maintenance of the devices is carried out.


Thanks to these advantages with the Supervac conveying packer your products will be better.

How can you find and buy equipment from Supervac

To find the equipment of this Austrian company, contact platform. On this site there are many products of many well-known companies. You will easily find what you are looking for. Prices of similar products in the catalog may differ significantly. Previously used devices are much cheaper. You can outbid them from the owners of this brand equipment.