RMT Meat Technology

The Spanish brand RMT Meat Technology was created in 1997. The company designs technological equipment for the food industry. In addition, RMT is manufactures the designed equipment and supplies it to its customers. The company is focused on the meat industry.

High-quality equipment from RMT Meat Technology

Manufacturability of the meat industry processes is an important part of the whole production. The company's machinery will increase the competitiveness of your products. The equipment provides high speed of the process thanks to the powerful units. RMT Meat Technology equipment is aimed at the production of semi-finished and finished products of high quality. In contrast with the old machines the new ones are much more efficient. You will be able to increase the profitability of production due to increase of capacity.

RMT equipment boosts the following processes:

  • Injecting of fish and meat;
  • meat grinding;
  • manufacture of sausage products;
  • manufacture of ham and brines.


For example, in a short time mixers can prepare homogeneous meat mass. All the processes meet the hygiene standards due to the minimized human contact with products. The equipment is distinguished by its smart design. The equipment’s parts are made of materials resistant to corrosion and oxidation. In addition to the primary purpose, mixers can be used for salting and marinating of products.

Where to buy RMT Meat Technology equipment

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