Risco S.p.A.

Italian company, Risco S. p.A, was founded in 1969 and has headquarters in Vicenzia. Now it is a leading manufacturer of devices and machines used in the meat processing. It is one of the most famous enterprises which combines innovative technologies, efficient management, and family traditions.

Risco S. p.A features and technologies

The evolution and expansion of the company throughout the whole time of its existence is the best justification of Risco S. p.A adaptability to to market needs and desires of customers. That is taken into consideration when creating any new equipment.

A wide range of machines includes:

  • Block-cutters;
  • mincemeat mixers;
  • mincers;
  • sausages production lines;
  • shaping lines;
  • sausages tying;
  • lines of mincemeat.


Due to regular new technologies implementation, continuous research of production processes, careful planning and the finest components and materials application, the finest equipment with high performance is produced. For example, all vacuum fillers are equipped with "Long Life" vane pumps which ensure precise batching and high quality end products.

The company constantly invests in research, trying to keep the perfection of the existing products and create new ones. These studies are international in scope and include different areas, from engineering or electronics up to computer technologies to control and kinematics.

Where can Risco S. p.A equipment be purchased?

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