Renner, the German brand, is a manufacturer of the equipment, which facilitates butchering. Its director Armin Renner belongs to the second generation of the company’s owners. The devices produced by the brand allow you to work with carcasses of any size. Besides sales of the equipment, the company provides a full maintenance service of its customers.

The Equipment of Renner for food industry

The devices are used in the meat processing industry and slaughterhouses. Manufacturers of many countries use services of the company. Using such equipment, you can increase the production capacity of your company. The lines sold by the company provide maximum performance of up to 60 beasts per hour for cattle and 240 beasts per hour for pigs.

The equipment supplied by the company:

  • Transport and lifting equipment;
  • scrapers and whips of wear-resistant materials;
  • sanitary engineering to ensure production hygiene;
  • devices for butchering cattle and pigs;
  • various equipment for slaughterhouses.


You should buy Renner, if you are interested in compliance of your production line with modern requirements. The company manufactures the products, focusing on European standards. The sold boxes comply with the standards of animal protection. The devices for sterilization will help to maintain sanitariness of the processes. Thanks to them, the knives, saws and other tools will be kept clean. In the production of whips and scrapers plastics and rubber that meet sanitary requirements are used.

Where and how can you buy Renner

Foodbay billboard is a platform where you can buy and sell the equipment of this German company, and other manufacturers. The information about units for butchering is available here. You can know the characteristics of the product, and buy the device you need at a good price. An extensive catalog of broad parameters help you make the right choice.