The Canadian manufacturing company POSS is known in 58 countries, where its products are supplied. The firm has been manufacturing the industrial deboning equipment, separators, meat trimmers of high quality and capacity for over 36 years.

POSS meat processing equipment

Machines of this trademark are reliable and convenient due to their high-tech design with the integrated automatic control system. The equipment is thought out to the last detail, ergonomic and completely safe as far as it meets the ASTM, AWS and ASME quality standards. This compact easily mountable and maintainable equipment may be used at small to large enterprises, ensuring high output.

The separators have the following extended features:

  • The physical characteristics of raw materials are taken into account during the deboning process that contributes to the retention of meat fiber structure and higher quality of minced meat;
  • undesirable inclusions (bones, soft tendon, fibers, fat) are removed almost without remainder;
  • the deboning of meat cooled down to 0-2C prevents raw material heating, ensuring the product freshness retention;
  • the capacity ranges from 200 kg/h to 15 000 kg/h. Custom machines of higher capacity may be supplied for large enterprises.

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If an ideal solution for your company is to purchase POSS separators and mincers, choose the required item in the catalog and contact the authorized distributors of the Canadian company in Russia or the manufacturer directly. We offer you an opportunity to make the bargain purchase of equipment without any risks.