For years the Polish company Novotherm has been very popular, being considered a well-known manufacturer of chambers for food industry. The company’s most popular products are various cooking, baking and smoking chambers.

Heat treatment with Novotherm chambers

The company has a wealth of experience that has been accumulated over several decades. It has been a leader in the production of food processing equipment for years. The company is a division of a large European holding company and is engaged in the development and construction of various types of advanced thermal chambers.

The company’s equipment has universal performance characteristics and extensive application capabilities. The chambers can perform cold or warm smoking, cooking or baking of various products, including:

  • Meat;
  • fish;
  • cheese;
  • sausages;
  • poultry.


Novotherm Smoking chambers are robust and reliable devices that perfectly fulfill all their tasks. They are made of high-quality acid-resistant steel. Due to the implementation of modern solutions, virtually all stages of smoking process can be carried out without personnel.

Dimensions of the devices can be modified in accordance with the needs of a particular enterprise.

Buying Novotherm chambers

Our board offers high-quality intensive cooling houses, cold smoking chambers, smoke generators, baking chambers, smoke clearing filters and a lot of other equipment from Novoterm Company. All products have the respective certificates and are of the highest quality. We work directly with the supplier, so the cost of equipment is optimal.

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