The German company MFI is engaged in development of complex systems, solving the problem of automation of various logistics processes. It automates food storage systems, receiving, batching and shipping of goods at meat processing factories, large warehouses and similar industries.

Advantages and peculiarities of MFI

The company has a wealth of experience in implementation of its solutions at various enterprises, so the company experts can fully guarantee the quality of the optimal model development. The modern logistics systems will:

  • Significantly improve the warehouse efficiency;
  • increase the company’s turnover;
  • minimize the errors during batching or storage;
  • reduce the costs associated with salary payment;
  • allow using existing premises more efficiently;
  • conduct more immediate accounting of the financial flows.


MFI has extensive experience in logistics and can always find a suitable solution for a particular case. The company provides an integrated approach, implementing the possible logistics solutions, beginning with the design of individual storage models and ending with the software or hardware for warehouse management. Absolutely all the equipment fully complies with the essential requirements of companies operating in the food industry.

To buy MFI equipment for warehouses

Our board offers the best solutions from this company, which will help optimize and simplify the work in factories or warehouses. The supplier always takes into account the production volumes and the complexity of the task, making equipment, which fully corresponds to the capabilities and wishes of the buyer. 

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