Luigi Menozzi founded Menozzi Company more than 60 years ago. This company is engaged in manufacture of meat and ham processing equipment. Now this Italian equipment is known all over the world and is very popular, due to its highest quality.

Meat production with Menozzi

The company occupies a leading position in the manufacture of machines and technologies for the storage and processing of seasoning at all stages of the meat production. Particular attention is paid to the sausage industry. The products’ range includes:

  • Vacuum massagers;
  • brine mixers;
  • moulds for meat;
  • ovens;
  • various presses;
  • conveyor systems.


The company also produces all kinds of accessories essential for meat production.

During the whole time of its existence Menozzi has been constantly growing and improving. It has opened production departments, which created the new processing technologies. Thanks to the process automation the meat processing has become much easier.

The company uses exclusively high-quality materials such as aluminum and stainless steel for its equipment, because this is the only way to ensure the reliability of the finished products. All processes are closely monitored at all stages from the beginning of the production chain to testing and installation.

Buying Menozzi equipment

If you want to buy quality hams and meat processing equipment from Menozzi, you must examine the product catalog presented on our board. Here you can find a wide range of different techniques at different prices. You can speed up the search process by contacting our consultants; they will answer all your questions.