For almost 150 years the German company Magurit has been in business of food processing equipment. During this time the company has accumulated considerable experience. Today the company manufactures machines for cutting fresh and frozen products. The company supplies equipment to more than 70 countries.

Business of Magurit

Today Magurit is a leader in production of machines for cutting frozen food. Lifting and hoisting devices provide the continuity and ergonomics of workflow and increases the speed of the processes as well as the equipment performance. The company offers its customers:

  • Block cutters of different configurations;
  • cutters of various models;
  • various lifting machines;
  • conveyor lines.


Standard Magurit block cutter is designed for raw meat processing at small plants and large enterprises. It is made of stainless steel resistant to moisture. The blades can be changed really quickly due to the convenient design. The core advantage of the machine is the availability of the controls.

Purchase of Magurit equipment

The Foodbay board represents equipment from German manufacturers, including Magurit Company. Here you can find various kinds and configurations of machinery. Anyone interested can get acquainted with the products and buy them directly from the company or from its representatives.