The company Lutetia appeared on the world market in 1965 and started to produce equipment used in the food industry. Now it is considered as a world leader, producing the best defrosting system. Daily, the number of customers increases, as produced equipment is perfectly integrated into the production processes.

The secrets of Lutetia equipment

The European company provided more than 10,000 pieces of equipment that were installed in different cities all over the world. The equipment range is very wide, it includes:

  • Defrosting system;
  • massagers;
  • injectors;
  • chambers for smoking and cooking;
  • tenderizators;
  • thermoshapers.


The company is constantly developing and uses modern technologies, providing the equipment adaptability for the specific operation. The secret of the defrostration process is gradual heating of products by means of steam injection inside the massager under vacuum, which occurs simultaneously with separation of the blocks, and creating a uniform temperature. For fragile products defrosting, the company offers the use of a ventilated chamber with a specialized environment saturated with steam.

The equipment consists of high-quality components made of stainless steel and other materials, which are not affected by aggressive environment, difficult operating conditions and high work intensity. The company produces innovative, high-performance and reliable equipment to ensure efficient operation.

Lutetia equipment purchase

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