LIMA is a company with a long history and rich experience in production of highly specialized equipment for meat processing. It was founded in the early 1970s, at a time when the Great West of France and Brittany became the leaders in meat producing.

It all started with poultry breeding and further processing, but now the company is No. 1 in manufacturing of meat and bones separators. Ninety percent of this brand equipment is available in more than 100 countries.

Advantages of LIMA equipment

It's hard to imagine a modern meat processing plant without at least one meat and bones separator, deboner or desinewer of this brand. Advantages of LIMA equipment:

  • Slowly rotating auger ensures the low temperature of the product;
  • minimal pressure on processed meat;
  • convenient shape of machines, easy access to all parts for high-quality cleaning, washing and disinfection;
  • separating cone adapts to the kind of processed raw meat;
  • processed products are transferred through the secure pipe for further processing.


Due to this the output is delicate and fresh meat products with preserved structure.

LIMA in «Foodbay» catalog

The «Foodbay» board represents this brand products in a competitive position among similar. The site contains a variety of prices for special LIMA equipment from several representatives of the brand; there is also the opportunity to see the price list directly from the manufacturer. This equipment can bring your industrial activity to a new quality level.