Kolbe Foodtec

Kolbe Foodtec has produced food processing equipment for the meat industry for over half a century. All equipment is designed and manufactured at the same factory, located in Germany. For this reason this is much easier to adhere to the required industry standards and to ensure the reliability of finished products.

Kolbe equipment — meat mincers and band saws

The German company has managed to take a leading position in the manufacture of mincers and other equipment for small and medium enterprises. However, additionally the company provides comprehensive services, consultancy, spare parts and other equipment needed for operation.

The company offers an extensive range of products, which includes:

  • Automatic mincers;
  • manual mincers;
  • mixer grinders for processing of frozen or fresh meat;
  • band saws;
  • minced meat portioning lines.


The equipment is made of high quality bronze alloyed stainless steel. Such alloys have been specially created for some parts of the equipment. This enables the equipment to function even at high loads. The friction is reduced accordingly there is less wear. For the manufacture of Kolbe grinders the company uses stainless steel or other materials, characterized by their resistance to corrosion. The devices can be equipped with cutting tools, consisting of five or three parts, it all depends on the requirements.

During the production the company takes into account the modern quality standards and does everything possible to produce the best equipment. Kolbe equipment is distinguished by its simplicity and hygienic operation.

To buy Kolbe Foodtec equipment

Our board has collected the best deals from reputable suppliers offering the meat processing equipment of this company. To find a suitable product, you just need to spend a little time studying the catalog. All equipment meets the declared quality specifications and is certified.