Jinan DG Machinery

The young company Jinan DG Machinery was founded only 4 years ago. However, this Chinese company offers all kinds of extrusion solutions concerning the production of various snacks and even breakfast cereals, as well as the solutions for the production of artificial rice, meat, soy, or pet food.

Production of snacks with Jinan machinery

The company has occupied the leading position in the manufacture of food extruder. It is the only company that successfully combines elements of Chinese production and modern European technologies.

Since its inception to the present time the company has had its main goal to provide customers with the best optimized extrusion solutions. That is why the company produces the high quality machinery and employs only the most skilled workers. Jinan offers the most effective solutions for the production of:

  • Pet food;
  • bread crumbs;
  • soy meat;
  • pop-corn;
  • cereals.


In addition to distribution of complete lines, the company offers a proven technology and recipes needed for the production of a variety of breakfast cereals. The company’s engineers can be sent to any enterprise to install, adjust, and launch the equipment. Additionally, they can train the enterprise’s employees to handle the equipment. The company provides all the necessary documents for customs clearance, certificates and other proofs of quality.

To buy the production lines from Jinan

Our board contains many proposals for the sale of Jinan lines for the production of corn flakes, popcorn, and other similar products. Having chosen the right supplier you can get the equipment with the required characteristics and on the most favorable conditions.