For 70 years the Italian company Ice-Tek, the brand of Minerva Omega Group, has worked to develop granular and flake ice makers. These devices have been created to meet the demands of today's markets and production sectors.

Ice-Tek ice makers

The company's philosophy is to maximize the control of manual and automated production processes, because this is the only way to get high quality equipment. It all starts with the selection of raw materials and the control methods of the production processes. Each product passes the environmental tests in specialized climatic chambers in order to simulate all possible operation scenarios.

Ice-Tek manufactures a huge range of devices of different capacities, satisfying the needs of large and small businesses.

The equipment is used in small fish shops, large catering enterprises, in the retail business, food and fishing industries. It allows to put the products in the shop windows or to keep the products fresh during transportation. Ice machines’ line consists of different models used for the production of:

  • Ice cubes;
  • granular ice, which may be shaped or have high humidity level;
  • flake/scale ice.


The range of the products also includes specialized ice storage bins with increased or high capacity.

Buy Ice-Tek equipment

Online marketplace offers customers to get acquainted with different models of ice makers from Ice-Tech Company. All products meet the requirements of small and large enterprises; they also are very easy to install and operate. So you just have to choose the right equipment, offered by suppliers at the best prices.