Holac company has been engaged in production of processing equipment for more than fifty years. The Holac brand stands for unsurpassed precision, reliability and quality. The core area of the company is focused on development and manufacture of cutting equipment for foodstuffs. Today Holac is a leading company in the cutting-technology industry.

Business of Holac

Holac company always tries to be in step with the times, thus, it occupies a prominent position among its best competitors. Today the company is providing solutions to cut vegetables, cheese, fish and meat products. The company offers its customers:

  • Multi-purpose dicers;
  • cheese-cutters;
  • slicing machines;
  • strip cutters and other.


Holac equipment performs fast cutting of different products. The owner is free to choose the shape of pieces. The cutting process ensures minimal human involvement and sanitary purity of the final product. The process provides portions of equal weight and size. All the elements of the machines are made of stainless steel. The special design allows fast dismantling of the machines.

Purchase of Holac products

You may examine, explore and learn more about Holac products on our board. The different varieties and versions of equipment are presented here. You can get acquainted and purchase the products directly from the company or from its representatives.