The German brand Freund has functioned for more than a century. During this time the company has taken a worthy place in the world market of the food industry equipment. The company offers high quality equipment for slaughtering and butchering to be used in small and large enterprises.

High-quality meat processing with Freund equipment

Meat is one of the most important foods of human diet. Therefore, its production is constantly increasing. Freund creates modern equipment to facilitate the work on meat processing plants. It speeds up the running processes, and makes them less time consuming. Thus meat processing is becoming much easier. Mechanization of manual labor reduces costs, due to decrease in the number of working staff.

The company manufactures:

  • Knives of different sizes and types;
  • slaughter tools;
  • tools for cutting parts of animal's body, namely, hooves and horns;
  • various Freund saws, facilitating butchering process;
  • hydraulic and vacuum pumps;
  • trimmers simplifying the process of separating the meat from the bones etc.


The company’s equipment is made of high quality materials, complying with all hygiene standards. It is very important for food production. The food products, processed with such equipment are stored much longer. They do not lose their properties and appearance. Semi-finished products made of so-processed meat look attractive for a long time.

Where to buy Freund tools

Today it is quite easy to buy high-quality equipment of the popular brand. has a lot of proposals of such equipment. After studying the information and choosing the right equipment, you can buy it. Affordable prices will make it really easy. You can place an order right on the board or address to the brand representatives.