Franz Janschitz

The brand Franz Janschitz was founded in 1962. Since then, the company has won the sympathy of many European countries, all thanks to the modern equipment for the food production. The branded equipment greatly improves the quality of manufactured goods.

High quality of Franz Janschitz equipment

For more than 50 years the company has accumulated the great experience in manufacturing industrial machinery. The company tries to preserve and improve natural products when developing technological devices. At the same all European standards are met. Purchasing the company’s equipment you are targeting profit, because workflow mechanization reduces the number of employees and subsequently the labor costs.

Today Franz Janschitz can offer

  • Pasteurizers-cheese kettles for the production of tasty and aromatic products from milk;
  • cream separators – manual and automatic;
  • butter churns for the production of goods with longer shelf life than milk has;
  • cheese processing, ensuring the quality of the end product;
  • filling machine for the separation of product into portions and subsequent packaging etc.


The parts of Franz Janschitz milky equipment are made of materials that do not oxidize when contacting the product. Therefore, you get high-quality, well-stored goods. This ensures the competitiveness of manufactured products.

How to find Franz Janschitz equipment presents equipment from leading manufacturers, including Franz Janschitz. Here you can buy a separator, a butter churn, a filling machine, or other units for your needs. Our prices are relatively low thanks to the direct cooperation with companies.