For more than 40 years the high-end Fomaco equipment has enjoyed the great demand in the food industry market. The Danish company’s specialization is marinating and salting machines. Hygiene and reliability of manufactured machines have been appreciated by consumers in many countries.

Equipment for the manufacture of marinated and salted products

Modern production is impossible without technological equipment. Competitive production is only possible with the use of different mechanisms. Today Fomaco manufactures equipment for small and large enterprises. We are talking about manufacturers of salted and marinated products.

The company offers its customers the following equipment:

  • FomacoFMG injector, providing the brine saturation of the product;
  • Brine storage tanks;
  • Various mixers for ingredients;
  • Continuous tumblers remove brine from the surface and seal needle marks etc.


Fomaco equipment is used for the manufacture of fish and meat products. Company systems help produce marinated and salted products with excellent taste characteristics. These systems will surely make your goods desirable, ensuring high and stable profit of the enterprise. In addition, you should never worry about the hygiene of processes. Minimizing contact with the product guarantees its cleanness. Thus it is much easier to follow the sanitary standards of production.

A great buy of Fomaco equipment

On you can find the equipment of this eminent brand. The board presents both new machines and used ones. Use the filter to find the information you need. Here you can find interesting information about the desired equipment. It is really easy to buy the equipment you’ve chosen directly from the manufacturer.