The Spanish company Fatosa began its functioning in 1919. Since its foundation it has produced equipment for food industry. Today branded upscale equipment is being delivered to the USA, Indonesia and Canada not to mention Europe.

Fatosa equipment means quality and efficiency

Manual labor mechanization improves and facilitates the process, that’s why the manufacturers have long used special equipment. The efficiency of technological equipment in food industry is undeniable. Fatosa specializes in equipment for canning and also for fish and meat processing industry. The manufactured equipment is so popular among consumers due to its high quality.

The company manufactures the following equipment:

  • Mincers, simplifying food grinding;
  • Block cutters for cutting frozen products, speeding up the process;
  • Fillers for sausage production;
  • Mixers, speeding up mixing of products;
  • Cutters, grinding the product into homogeneous mass, etc.


All Fatosa units are developed by the company’s own engineering department. The employees take into account the latest technological advances in this area. They do not forget about the market requirements and the needs of consumers. Therefore, the equipment is available for large enterprises and small businesses. The manufacturing process complies with safety and hygiene standards.

Where to buy Fatosa equipment

You can find interesting information about the equipment of this company on Foodbay.com. In addition, there are proposals from other companies. The catalog of equipments is quite extensive. Here you can select and purchase the desired unit directly from the manufacturer.