Dominioni Company was founded back in 1966 and since then it has produced pasta machinery. During the first twenty years the major customers of Dominioni were small family businesses and stores, making or selling pasta and other food products.

Pasta and ravioli machines from Dominioni

Forty years of machinery production experience has made the company famous worldwide. Company’s name symbolizes reliability and quality. Thanks to the insistence of its founders and enthusiastic employees the company has become a large-scale manufacturer, which continues to evolve and never backs off.

The company collaborates with the best food industry specialists when developing production lines. The specialists are always aware of the latest developments in the market and do their best to improve the products. The company now produces more than a hundred different models that can produce any pasta:

  • Fresh and dry;
  • pasta all’uovo;
  • long or short;
  • cannelloni;
  • lasagne;
  • ready to cook meals.


We should also mention Dominioni ravioli machines. They completely repeat the manual production of ravioli. Pasta sheeter kneads and rolls dough without interruption. The molding machine feeds it to special dies, which may be of any shape, and then ravioli get stuffed and finally formed.

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