Devro Company produces artificial sausage casings. It was based on the foundation of “Johnson & Johnson” unit, which was purchased in 1991. A few years later, the company bought several companies and has become a transnational group, combining production sites in different countries.

Collagen casings from Devro

Devro is one of the leading manufacturers of collagen casings used in manufacture of a broad range of frankfurters, sausages and other meat products.

The company uses collagen, naturally occurring as the result of subcutaneous split treatment. The products are completely digested causing no harm to human health. They combine many characteristics needed to obtain excellent taste of casings used in the production of various types of sausages:

  • Cooked;
  • smoked;
  • fresh.


The Corporation is a recognized leader in the production and supply of edible collagen production for food industry. Devro is dynamically developing and regularly releasing new varieties of casings that meet all the requirements of meat processing industry and all customers' needs.

During the decades of successful operation, the company has significantly expanded its sales network. The high quality of Devro production is chosen by many manufacturers of sausage products around the world.

Buying Devro equipment

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