Deko Holland

The founder of Deko Holland Company is Wilhelm van Berkel. It was he who invented the first slicing machine with moving table in 1898. This invention was the first product of the company. However, the world always moves forward, and today it is the best Dutch company manufacturing slicers.

Labour organization with slicer from Deko Holland

The company manufactures slicers for catering business of different levels. All components contacting meat or cheese are made of high quality stainless steel. This material has many advantages, it:

  • Makes operation of equipment easier;
  • increases hygiene of all processes;
  • improves the professional look of employees;
  • ensures equipment durability.


Thanks to the fact that all Deko Holland equipment is made of high quality materials, you need to spend far less money on its maintenance. You should also note the low operating costs, which can save your budget.

An important advantage of the equipment is the integrated sharpening unit. The blades will never be blunted; you can easily switch the device from cutting to sharpening mode by one smooth movement of your hand.

All equipment manufactured by the company conforms to the regulations of the European Union and the various ISO standards in the field of security and health. The slicers have the CE mark; they have been tested and are manufactured taking into account the principles of safety.

Buying slicers from Deko Holland

If your catering business requires slicers, you need to visit our board, which has a lot of proposals from leading manufacturers. You can choose the most suitable option and purchase the equipment from different suppliers.