Cato is a Spanish company founded back in 1959. Today it is a recognized leader in manufacturing machines for the creation of all types of meat products and sausages. Now after the years of operation the brand is associated with quality, durability and reliability.

Quality and reliability from Cato

Due to its vast experience the company was able to develop an extensive range of machines that satisfy the needs of meat processing enterprises in 90 countries worldwide. The company manufactures equipment and machines for the production of sausages to meet the needs of the maximum number of consumers. The company provides the devices that will come useful for a butcher or in a large automated installation.

Cato produces only high quality machines, so it is associated with reliability, durability, and strength, bringing confidence to consumers. The company offers the following equipment:

  • Mincers;
  • Non-vacuum and vacuum meat mixers;
  • Grinders-mixers;
  • Cutters;
  • Non-vacuum and vacuum fillers;
  • Sausage lines;
  • Sausage peelers.


The devices efficiently process meat and mix it gently. Finished products remain coherent at all times. You need to contact us to provide your meat industry with absolutely everything you might need for successful work.

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