Cama Group

Cama Group was established in 1981 in Italy. It develops and manufactures complete secondary packaging lines, mostly used by large companies operating in food industry or other fields.

Complex equipment from Cama Group

Highly qualified technicians and engineers are working for the benefit of the Group. Their main concern is the highest quality of all systems and processes. In total 180 professionals create complete lines thanks to their vast experience in this area and strong work ethic. Cama Group is constantly applying the latest developments in the field of robotic loading equipment.

Complete lines may be used at all stages of production, such as primary packaging, involving:

  • Wrap around;
  • trays;
  • bags;
  • containers.


The whole process ends with the formation of boxes of cardboard or corrugated board and stacking them on pallets.

The company constantly invests part of the revenue in experimental, design, scientific and research works, thus actively developing. Its employees are not only constantly carrying out the latest challenging tasks of the market, but also taking full advantage of modern technology achievements. All these ensure the company’s leadership in the market.

Selection of equipment from Cama Group

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