The German company Banss specializes in manufacture of high-tech slaughtering equipment. The history of the company began in the town of Biedenkopf 150-years ago, since than it has worked in meat industry.

Modern slaughtering technology from Banss

The German company has accumulated the great experience in slaughter. The plant has operated since 1868 and for more than 140 years its experts have been developing unique customer-specific slaughtering and meat processing systems, installed worldwide.

The equipment has been continuously modified using new technologies and types of slaughter. This brand equipment is preferred by hundreds of meat producers worldwide. The company’s dynamic approach and the wealth of experience in the development of individual projects enable Banss to meet the needs of both large and small businesses as well as to provide high-quality technical support of the equipment.

The company specializes in slaughter of:

  • Cattle;
  • sheep, lamb and goats;
  • pigs;
  • ritual sacrificial animals («Halal» project)


Banss Slaughter lines include the equipment for stunning, dehiding, deboning and cutting of carcasses. Thanks to the latest developments the company achieved maximum automation and huge productivity of the process. Slaughter lines’ specifications meet the highest standards and provide the quality and error-free slaughter.

To buy the slaughtering system from Banss

Our board contains proposals for the sale of slaughtering systems and slaughtering lines adapted for the domestic market. You can buy the equipment from the official representatives of the company or directly on the site.