Avery Berkel

Avery Berkel is the oldest in the UK manufacturer of scales, packaging machines and machines for the automation of food industry. The company provides maintenance, repair and technical maintenance of all equipment through its own modernized network.

Avery Berkel equipment for production and trade

British company distinguishes itself from many other manufacturers of weighing and packaging equipment by its huge experience. The company was founded 250 years ago as a manufacturer of scales, and today it is the largest provider of electronic weighing and packaging equipment.

The range of Avery Berkel products include:

  • Different types of scales for food products;
  • piezoconverters of high precision with a measuring range from 3 to 45 000kg;
  • weighing platforms with a measuring range to 20 000 kg;
  • digital measuring indicators, offered in a wide range of modifications;
  • sets for weighing fluid reservoirs and platforms;
  • weighing platform for automotive and railway industry.


Packaging equipment of Avery Berkel is presented by a wide model range of packaging machines for retailing and manufacturing, including both automatic and semi-automatic packaging machines and integrated systems. The company provides additional warranty packages for maintenance of the weight and packaging equipment that is an additional advantage and increases the attractiveness of the products.

Range of Avery Berkel products

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