Antonio Borgo

The Italian manufacturer of binding machines for sausages and frankfurters has been in operation since 1969 and has positioned itself as a manufacturer of high-quality equipment. The company Antonio Borgo & C. S.A.S. works only with natural casings for sausages.

Sausage binding with Antonio Borgo

String-tied sausage products have always been popular with the consumers. This production method indicates manual and careful approach to the manufacture of food and its high quality.

ABogro Equipment designed for automated binding of sausage products makes the filling process more functional, faster and better. Machines are made of stainless steel and equipped with:

  • Binding pliers;
  • mechanical or pneumatic (in some models) portioner for calibration of sausages;
  • casing threading mechanism;
  • special looper.


ABogro equipment is recommended for all kinds of companies specializing in the production of sausages. The machines are designed to work with natural and collagen casings. Connection with filler makes the work even more convenient and fast. Binding method, the size and the length of the portions, and other parameters are regulated by the control unit.

All Antonio Borgo models in our catalog

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