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Patties, croquetes, balls forming line Vemag DP6/BC237/Meyn200

Condition: Used 
Additional Information: Contact: Mr. Bartlomiej Grabowski Location: 3-go Maja 160, 22-435 Komarów-Osada, PL 
Vacuum execution: Yes 
Linker available: Yes 
Vemag DP6 Vacuum Filler
- Efficiency up to 2.700 kg/h
- integrated loader
- vane pump feeding system
- 16 m3/h vacuum pump
- portioning range: 0-100.000g
Vemag Ball Controll BC 237
- The product is shaped by perforated plates through which it is fed
- The perforated plates are adapted to the product shape
- The desired shape is achieved by sliding the plates together and apart
- Product results like hand-made
- Reliable separation is achieved by the overlapping perforated plates
- Easy and flexible to set up
- Perfect separation
- Unique shaping
- High output of up to 250 portions/min
- Simpler and fast assembly and disassembly
- Easy to operate
- Products can be flattened
Meyn 200 mm Wetcoater
Meyn 200 mm Breader
M.Serra Compact Electric Fryer
External dimensions chassis 3400x850xH1000
Basin internal dimensions 3400x600x H350 (useful 220)
External dimensions with conveyors 4000x850x H=1000
Useful lenght frying 2200 mm aproximate
Belt width = 450 mm
Electric power, 72 kw.
Manufacturer: Vemag
Model: DP6 and BC 237
Height: 2500 mm
Width: 1600 mm
Length: 8500 mm
Electric power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N
Total power: 82 kW
Efficiency: 500 kg/h
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