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The manual device for the L-shaped sealing and pieces of Hualian BSF-601

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Select industry: Packaging equipment 
Condition: New 
Voltage: 220 V
Rated power: 2.4 kW
Dimensions: 1100*820*420 
Weight: 35 kg
BSF-601 is a manual sealing machine and pieces of polymer bag. With its help it is easy to pack in a transparent film a variety of products - printing products, souvenirs, bakery products. Packaging in film is made in a special chamber. The nichrome heating element creates an even and strong seam. The size of the sealing area is 600x500 mm. Sometimes, after trimming and sealing the film, the packaging is shrunk. To do this, use additional equipment - shrink tunnels. And in the simplest case, an ordinary building hair dryer is used. The BSF-601 desktop packaging machine is an excellent solution for small productions and stores where you need to perform boxed packaging of products. Technical characteristics Shrink packaging machine BSF-601 Characteristics BSF-601 Voltage (V / Hz) AC 220/50 110/60 Power (kW) 2.4 Dimensions of the sealing area and segments (mm) 600х500 Heating time (sec.) 0-2 External dimensions (L * W * H) (mm) 1100 * 820 * 420 Net weight (kg) 35
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Hualian Machinery Group Co., Ltd. основана в 1987г, и на сегодняшний день является одним из крупн...

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