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Teknostamap T4000 Puff Production Line

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Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: New 
Voltage: 380 V
Rated power: 0.37 kW
Designed for the manufacture of a wide range of products from sugar, yeast or puff pastry: envelopes, croissants, strudel, rolls, tongues, pastries with filling, decorated products, Viennese cookies, pizza and so on. Depending on the necessary degree of automation of the production process and manufactured products, the line may include: calibration unit, flour sprinkler, humidifier, control panel with a screen, filling dispenser, cutting unit, coagulation units, guillotine, twisting, accessory carriage, automatic baking tray unit, waste collection tape. The production line includes several necessary sections - the lamination, dough preparation, cooling dough, oil preparation, baking and molding section. In addition to the mandatory line may also include a number of additional sections, depending on the capabilities of the manufacturer and production volumes. Also, the puff product can be used as a shell for a savory or sweet filling, or as a savory base for cheese, butter, jam or jam.
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Teknostamap is an Italian manufacturer of confectionery equipment. The history of the Italian brand ...
Teknostamap dates back to 1982. It was then that a small company began manufacturing appliances for food production. A little later, the company began to specialize in the design of manual machines for rolling dough in automation elements. The recognition for Teknostamap came with the advent of a croissant machine in the assortment of its products.
Vicenza, via Vittorio Veneto, 141 Grisignano di zocco Vicenza 36040 Italy
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Teknostamap is an Italian company that was founded in 1982. Its founders - Remigi...

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