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Fruit and vegetable washing machine Boema SpA L6

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Select industry: Agricultural industry 
Condition: New 
Provision of leasing: No 
Year of issue: 2017 
Boema OJSC designs and constructs washing machines specially designed for processing a leaf product (salad, basil, greens, spinach, etc.). The biggest advantages of bubble jet washers mod. L6 are: - Efficiency: excellent performance when washing all types of sheet product; - Uniformity of flow: the product dosing system ensures a uniform location of the product inside the containers, which guarantees uniformity of washing; - Flexibility: the ability to obtain raw materials with varying degrees of pollution; - Ease of use: quick and easy adjustment of the period the product is inside the sink; - Hygiene: the upper and inner conveyors are lifted by a system of motorized hydraulic drives, which allow for a complete inspection inside the machine. Performance: variable according to product type and model.
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Established in 1979 by qualified engineers, Boema SpA has established itself as a Leader in the desi...
gn and manufacture of plants and lines for the food industry. The company produces machines and plants for processing vegetables, fruits, berries, chestnuts, oenology (winemaking).
Turin, BOEMA S.p.A. Corso Scagliola, 197 - Neive (Cn) Italy
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Boema S.p.A.

Boema S. p.A, Italian company, was founded by highly skilled engineers in 1979. I...

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