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Cleaning filter Boema SpA F62 / 4-10

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Select industry: Agricultural industry 
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Boema manufactures purification filters of model F62 to separate particulate matter from water. Completely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, the main composition: - a frame made of tubular steel to guarantee strength and reliability; - a rotating cylinder, consisting of a spiral winding with holes that guarantee optimal filtration; - a scraper to remove solid filtered material from the surface of the cylinder; - a bathtub of a special template for receiving and distributing the flow along the entire length of the drum; - removable tank for collecting filtered water; - internal pressure washer; - motorization with a speed reducer. - F62 / 6-10 cylinder diameter 600 mm., Length 1000 mm. (hole diameter is agreed
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Established in 1979 by qualified engineers, Boema SpA has established itself as a Leader in the desi...
gn and manufacture of plants and lines for the food industry. The company produces machines and plants for processing vegetables, fruits, berries, chestnuts, oenology (winemaking).
Turin, BOEMA S.p.A. Corso Scagliola, 197 - Neive (Cn) Italy
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Boema S.p.A.

Boema S. p.A, Italian company, was founded by highly skilled engineers in 1979. I...

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