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  • 25 February 2019, номер: 35628

Meat cutter Rex RK 65 Hydro

1 267 968 Р.

14 125$

12 950€

Condition: Used 
Cooking mode: No 
Voltage: 400 V
Rated power: 25 kW
We are selling a cutter from the manufacturer Rex type RK 65 Hydro in a very good used and functional condition. The device runs on 400 volts, 25 kW, infinitely variable, completely stainless steel, 3 and 6 knife heads, 65 liter bowl, digital display, ready to plug in, workshop checked, immediately ready for use, dimensions W / D / H 150/100/125 cm, others Inquiry.
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RexCuttersRK 65

Rex is a Austrian brand that was established by the merger of the metallurgical p...

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