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Наша компания поставляет на российский рынок весь спектр машин для мойки и сушки тары, а также санпропускники и оборудование для гигиены персонала ведущих европейских производителей, чье качество и надежность проверены временем - JEROS A/S (Дания), Elpress B.V. (Нидерланды), UNIKON B.V. (Нидерланды), HOONVED ALI group S.p.a. (Италия). Мы имеем огромный опыт работы по продаже, монтажу, пуско-наладке машин для мойки и сушки тары, производственного инвентаря и санп...
Our equipment efficiently and quickly to clean and disinfect hands clean and disinfect the soles of shoes, which are then passed employees in the production Department, with the help of the tripod with an automatic door closer. Station hygiene (sanitary inspection) for the food industry is an integral part of any production. Today, without them it is impossible to fully maintain hygiene in the food industry. The decontamination stations are usually installed in ...
The main areas of work of the plant "ASP group" is manufacturing full range of sanitary systems for sanitation control and sanitary treatment of personnel.
ООО «МастерХолод» - запасные части и компоненты SABROE, FRICK, STAL, GRAM, YORK, маслоотделители Carly, Bitzer, ресиверы для хладагента Bitzer, воздухоотделители, маслозаправочная станция для холодильных компрессоров.
Торгово-производственная компания "ПромСтоун" г. Уфа - предлагает полный спектр услуг по проектированию и оснащению предприятий металлической мебелью. Мебель поставляется для офисов, складов, архивов, банков, производственных помещений, медицинских, спортивных и учебных учреждений как в розницу, так и оптом в промышленных масштабах. Производим поставку и установку автомобильных металлических модульных конструкций в сервисных автомобилях и передвижных мобил...
Chinese company Oil equipment Tianyuan G. Sinsang was established in 2003. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of lines and equipment in China in the following areas: 1.In the food industry: line and equipment for production, refinance and extraction of vegetable oil of all types. Line pedego fat from animal fat and lard 2.In the agricultural industry: the line and the equipment for processing of slaughter waste and biological waste for the producti...
We are a team of professionals who are always ready to help you. Managers of different departments and areas work as a single unit to achieve a common goal. We know all the subtleties and nuances of our work. The qualified work of managers and technical personnel has become a hallmark of our company.
ALCO Food Mashines GmbH was founded in 1977. At first, food machines were sold in the German market from a private home. The enterprise grew rapidly, and after several relocations in 1985, a production building was built, which expanded significantly in 1990.
For many years, sausages and sausages tied with thread have been popular in the market of sausages. For the consumer, such products speak of careful, manual production and, as a result, higher quality products.
AUDION ELEKTRO BV was founded in 1947. In the fifties, the packaging industry sector was chosen as the main direction of development. At the moment, AUDION is represented in many countries of the world and has a wide dealer network in more than 65 countries.
Founded in 1949, the German company AUTOTHERM specializes in the production of high-quality equipment for the thermal processing of meat products.
Firm Friedr. Dick GmbH & Co. Founded in 1778, KG is today a leading company known worldwide as a manufacturer of high-quality products.
EFA Meat Processing Power is a trademark of Schmid & Wezel. For more than 85 years, the name Schmid & Wezel has been synonymous with precision, quality and customer-oriented business organization.
FUJI''s family of horizontal food packaging machines using modified atmosphere technology is specifically designed to ensure the integrity of welds even at high packaging speeds.
The traditional German company Johannes Giesser, founded in 1776, developed and began to sell its first knives for meat processing in 1865. Today Giesser is a leading company in its industry, producing about 6,000 high-quality knives and accessories every day.
Grunwald was founded in 1956 and specializes in the design and manufacture of universal packaging equipment for dispensing and sealing a wide variety of finished products in plastic or aluminum containers: cups, buckets, trays, etc.
Handtmann holds a leading position in the global market for meat processing equipment. Unique technologies for filling, twisting and portioning meat and sausages made it possible to develop optimal equipment that meets various technological and production requirements of enterprises around the world.
The German company Hilutec, based on many years of experience using new packaging technologies, presents on the market a wide range of thermoforming equipment for packaging various products.
JWE-Baumann specializes in the production of complete equipment for the primary processing of livestock. Years of experience, advanced technology and a high standard of quality allows Baumann to produce reliable, powerful machines that are successfully used in many enterprises to produce high-quality raw materials.
KITTNER Anlagen und Maschinenbau GmbH is a dynamically developing company with production located in Bulgaria, specializing in production for the following areas of the meat processing industry: sanitary and hygienic equipment, cutting and deboning of meat, storage and transportation equipment.
KNECHT company was founded since 1957. The main focus of the enterprise is on the development and production of equipment for sharpening knives used in meat processing.
KT - Koneteollisuus was founded in 1938. From generation to generation, the owners of the company pass on and highly appreciate the love of work, enterprise and the ability to achieve their goals. And an individual approach to the customer allows us to produce equipment that is highly efficient and reliable in operation.
Laska equipment is high quality machines manufactured for 130 years. The accumulated experience in combination with modern technologies allows us to develop unique equipment for meat processing, taking into account the various needs of enterprises, ensuring the highest quality products.
Maja is one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines for removing skins, films and ice machines for the production of flake ice. The company has more than 50 years of experience in the production of equipment for the meat processing industry, and the latter has also successfully established itself in the fishing industry, the production of bakery products and supermarket chains.
For many years now, Meat-Master® (Inject Star) has been a leader in the field of curing and massaging equipment. The equipment of this Austrian company was appreciated by specialists from both small enterprises and large meat processing plants around the world.