Agricultural Tractors

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An agricultural tractor is used to perform the majority of tillage processes. The machine is characterized by a large pulling force. It works jointly with attachable equipment. The machine performs preparatory and sowing works, soil tillage and plants handling during their growth period. Foodbay website offers agricultural machinery for different purposes.

What functions are performed by agricultural tractors Agricultural Tractors

The machine’s engine is created to interact with such equipment as harrows, ploughs, tillers, etc., they may connect in two ways: through the power-takeoff shaft or the pulley component. The machine performs the kinds of work depending on the attached equipment. Agricultural tractors are often sold together with auxiliary equipment.

Therefore, the device has multifunctional capabilities. They are used to carry out such processes as cultivation, sowing crops, harvesting and transporting the harvest, etc. The machines are widely applied in crop agriculture, cattle breeding, horticulture.

A good tractor replaces several types of agricultural machines, performing the functions of each of them. Based on the application, the machines are divided into three categories:

  • Specialized - designed strictly for a certain type of activity;
  • General use machines - used in conventional agricultural work on light-textured soils;
  • Universally cultivating machines – thanks to the possibility to change ground clearance, they can perform a wide range of works;

Buying used tractors and agricultural machinery means providing your farm with useful equipment. Taking into account the driving gear, the machines are divided into wheel-type and track-type ones. The first option is considered more universal, since the machines are capable of performing transportation and fieldworks. However, they have a smaller grip. The support surface of track-type machines is much bigger. So their pulling force is greater than that of wheel-type machines.

A model of an agricultural tractor affects its price. The machines of the classes 0.2-0.6   are much cheaper than general purpose machines of the classes 4-7. Small-size private farms will be satisfied with a conventional walking tractor or a mini-tractor. The machines of the class 5 are considered to be the most demanded in the agricultural sector. They have a capacity of up to 350 HP and a high pulling force.

Sale of agricultural tractors and machines on the Foodbay website

Visitors of the Specialized Advertisements Board are given the opportunity to offer their goods for sale or search for the necessary equipment. A comfortable search filter taking brands into account is available for this. Those who cannot easily choose the desired product are offered the assistance of a consultant. Manufacturers of agricultural tractors and machines - ”Yuzhmash”, “MTZ Belarus”,”Kirovets”, “KAMAZ” - present their machines on the website.