Grain Harvesters

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A grain harvester deserves special attention among the variety of agricultural equipment. With the use of this equipment applying a straight-cutting method, you can cut the stems, thresh and clean the grain; upon windrow harvesting it is used to pick up grain rollers, thresh and clean the grain separately. There are many different models of agricultural machines of this type, they differ in specifications and price. For a start it is better to buy a used grain harvester and update the machines alongside with the growth of the farm.

Types of grain harvesters Grain Harvesters

When you buy a new grain harvester, you can get the equipment that does not collects clean grains, but passes it to a specialized tanker and unloads it for further cleaning or storage. Modern models collect chaff or straw to pack them in bunches and put them back in the field. That is why the price of new grain harvesters with all possible attachments is much higher. They cut or press the straw, unload it to machines for further transportation.

Harvesters differ from each other in different methods of energy use, as well as schemes of grain transportation during its processing. This classification determines the price of grain harvesting equipment. According to the method of aggregation, harvesters can be tractor-drawn (trailed), self-propelled or mounted.

The first and last types of devices can have engines or do without them. The work of all the operating components of the first group is performed with the participation of the machine’s own engine, whereas engineless devices need a self-propelled chassis or a tractor’s power takeoff for functioning.

Before you buy a new or used grain harvester, you need to determine where the cut stems getting to the grind should be sent. Agricultural machines of this type can be:

  • T-shaped;
  • L-shaped;
  • Of a longitudinal shape with the direct flow;
  • Of a transversal shape with a direct flow.

Manufacture and sales of the imported grain harvesters equipped with a classic thresher or a specialized device threshing and separating the grain are being performed nowadays.

One should separately emphasize steep-side harvesters used for processing grain grown on mountainous terrains. Their design incorporates numerous hydraulic mechanisms ensuring constant horizontal position.

Buy or sell a used or new grain harvester

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