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When modern farmers harvest corn, they try to optimize this process to a maximum degree by applying a corn harvester. Using this machine, you can quickly and effectively separate the corncobs from the stalks. After harvesting this machine helps to unload the processed mass of crops for further transportation.

The design of corn harvesters Corn Harvesters

As you purchase a corn harvester, you’ll be able not only to cut and remove the stalks of crops, this type of specialized machines makes it possible:

  • To cut the stems;
  • To clean the crops;
  • To collect the corn inside a special tanker;
  • To unload cobs for transportation.

The carrying frame of the device is based on a pipe, in addition, this design contains plenty of working nodes. The most part of mechanisms move due to transmissions. They may be of belt-type, toothed or of chain-type. The price of a corn harvester is affected by the type of its driving tools ensuring operation of all working equipment of the machine. These tools can be shaft-based or axial.

The hydraulic system allows you to manage a feed hopper, as well as a reaping attachment. It is equipped with the special lever enabling you to toggle between the reaper and feed hopper. Once you decided to buy a tractor-drawn corn harvester, you need to equip the drawing transport with a socket, in order to manage the entire complex.

Corn harvesting machines can have a single-row or a double-row design. The last type is distinguished by a much larger performance; this indeed is considered the main advantage of the equipment. An important parameter also is the quality of crops cleaning, so the price of a corncob harvester will be lower. The price of units with a good mobility is slightly higher, but these machines work quickly and efficiently.

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