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A mower for a walking tractor is listed among the important equipment in modern agriculture. This machine makes it possible to facilitate the work on small land plots. The purpose of this device is cutting a variety of grasses. It can handle both weeds and crops, without violation of agricultural requirements during the process. The sale of tractor-drawn mowers for a mini-tractor or a standard farm machine is carried out on our website.

Is it better to buy a self-propelled or a tractor-mounted mower? Mowers

The market of modern agricultural equipment is selling not only tractor-drawn mowers for mini-tractors, manufacturers also offer semi-trailed and mounted devices. In addition, the equipment may be of the following types:

  • Self-propelled;
  • Manual (with an electric or a petrol drive of the cutting device);
  • Horse-drawn.

The equipment can have different types of operation nodes. Many people decide to buy a rotary mower for a tractor, because the price of this device is relatively low. These mowers are characterized by high productivity, however, a part of mown grass is lost during shredding plants. The devices of this type contain a pair of rotating rotors with knives. A used rotary mower differs from a new one only in service life. In any case, the tool is distinguished by low weight, relatively simple design, reliability and the possibility of easy transportation. It can be mounted on a tractor or a walking tractor with any cooling system.

The catalogue contains different types of rotary mowers and spare parts, including drum and circular types. However, it is worth to separately mention the machines of segmented type. They make it possible to receive virtually no shredded grass during operation and cut grass near the root, however, they are characterized by large dimensions, which has a negative effect on the device’s transportation. When you have decided to buy a segmented mower for a mini-tractor, it is worth scheduling regular knives sharpening, because they become blunt quickly enough.

Different models of equipment make it possible to cover a wide range of works, including:

  • Mowing;
  • Squashing;
  • Shredding plants.

If you are going to sell spare parts for a tractor mower, you should necessarily specify the kinds of operations they allow you to perform, in addition to mowing.

Buy a used or new rotary mower

Foodbay trading platform has collected offers from the best suppliers. Here you can find both rotary and segmented devices from leading manufacturers, including Wirax, Spearheas, Ferri and many others. Thanks to a wide range of equipment, everyone can find a model that will fully meet his/her requirements and process the desired area.