Forage Harvesters

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Modern farms use forage harvesters to cut down the sunflowers, corn and other tall-stalked crops, as well as grass of different kinds. In addition, this equipment can pick up previously cured grass from rolls, shred it, and then move the processed mass to the machine for further transportation.

Types of forage harvesters Forage Harvesters

Forage harvesting devices are used in making haylage, silage or hay for winter. Regardless of the variety of the harvested crop, forage harvesting equipment can be equipped with grooved or drum pickups and reapers.

These devices differ from each other by the shredding component. It comes in drum or circular types. The first type of devices have a drum equipped with a horizontal axis in a convenient position, perpendicular to the movement of the masses. The performance of forage harvesters with circular shredding devices is a little higher. Knives in such equipment are positioned along the radius of the disc. At the same time the device has an axis directed lengthwise to the movement of the masses.

There are tractor-drawn or self-propelled forage harvesters. The most popular producers of these agricultural machines include:

  • CLAAS;
  • Krone;
  • Rostselmash;
  • John Deere;
  • Gomselmash;
  • New Holland.

Harvesters produced by different companies differ in their design of the operating components or technical solutions. For example, the feed unit of most machines has several rollers that provide feed compaction, as well as sending the mass to the shredding device. The number of compacting rollers can vary and amount to 4 or 8. In addition, feed units can be equipped with stone traps or metal detectors to prevent various foreign items from getting inside the equipment.

Where to buy a tractor-drawn forage harvester?

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