Root-crop Harvester

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To make harvesting of root crops an easier and faster process, modern agriculture uses specialized equipment. Modern manufacturers offer devices that can separately collect beets, carrots or potatoes. There are universal machines capable of harvesting virtually any crops.

The types of machines for harvesting root crops Root-crop Harvester

Universal machines for harvesting crops make it possible to harvest, clean up, as well as grade the root crops, separate the vegetables from adhering soil, trash or stones, and then load them to a specialized storage place. Harvesting devices can be divided into two types:

  • Self-propelled. This type of machines can independently move across the field.
  • Tractor-mounted. These devices are attached to tractors. They may work exclusively jointly with a tractor.

Besides, machines for harvesting root crops are divided by the number of rows which they can process at a time. They can be:

  • Single-row. These are designed to handle small fields.
  • Double-row. These machines are more common, because they are used to work with sufficiently large areas. They can process wet soil or even soil containing some stones. Grading blocks of this kind machines can be adjusted to the size of tubers. This kind of equipment can harvest even radishes or onions.
  • Multi-row. This type of equipment is capable of processing large areas. This type of potato harvesters can collect up to 6 rows. The equipment of semi-mounted type can be connected to almost any tractors.

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