By using a cabbage harvester, you can automate the harvesting process. This equipment is most often used for processing late or medium cabbage varieties, as well as salad. The machines of this type can minimize the need for manpower, increase profitability of the harvesting process, at the same time improving working conditions.

How do cabbage harvesters work? Cabbage Harvester

Modern cabbage harvesting machines differ in the movement method, they are self-propelled (moving on tracks or wheels), tractor-drawn or tractor-mounted, such machines can be additionally equipped with the following things:

  • Pickup components;
  • Conveyors;
  • Shear components;
  • Separating devices.

The price of cabbage harvesters is affected by their auxiliary equipment, as well as by the number of rows handled by the machine at a time.

A standard unit has the following operating components:

  • A cutting device;
  • A grading conveyor;
  • An elevator;
  • A working platform;
  • A drive.

During operation the equipment sends the cutting device to the row of vegetables. Elevators raise cabbage heads to direct them under a specialized clamping conveyor. There they are aligned, fastened, and then cut off. After that the cut cabbage is sent to a special grading conveyor. The cabbage heads are inspected, cleaned from extra leaves and long cobs.

In the end cabbage heads get on the elevator, from that place the cabbage is sent to containers or a cargo box of a transporting machine. All the aforementioned processes are managed by a driver from his cab.

The purchase of cabbage harvesting equipment

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