Potato Harvester

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You can often see a potato harvester in the fields in autumn during the harvest reaping. The areas allocated for planting of this vegetable are not inferior to wheat fields, so specialized agricultural machines are used for optimization of all processes related to its harvesting. Many medium and large farms decide to buy a potato harvester to reap crops more efficiently and faster.

The types of potato harvesters Potato Harvester

When choosing the right equipment, it is worth paying attention to technical specifications of a potato harvester. There are following types of these devices:

  • Tractor-drawn (trailers);
  • Self-propelled;
  • Mounted.

The design of tractor-drawn equipment resembles a potato digger, because it is based on a conveyor and knives. It is distinguished by its impressive dimensions and greater performance. Buying a used or new tractor-drawn potato harvester of a large or medium-size, farms will obtain an excellent machine for processing of large territories.

Self-propelled models are distinguished by high productivity, high quality of harvesting, as well as careful attitude. Accordingly, the price of a self-propelled potato harvester is higher than that of other types of this equipment. The device can work with soils of different types, even with heavy-textured ones.

Mounted devices are attached to a tractor, the major part of the structure being the frame leaning on specialized pneumatic knives. You can buy a new potato harvester of this type for any private household, however, you should know that it raises not only potatoes, but also a part of the soil. It turns out that vegetables need to be additionally cleaned from impurities.

All harvesters can be divided into groups by the width of the grip:

  • Single-row;
  • Double-row;
  • Three- or four-row.

Prices for potato harvesters depend on the areas to be processed with their use. Accordingly, single-row equipment is cheaper, and four-row devices are much more expensive and more suitable for large farms.

The sale of a double-row potato harvester

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