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The procedure of cotton production is a combination of complicated operations that can be optimized only by a cotton harvester. This machine makes it possible to simplify, accelerate and automate production processes. It is an indispensable assistant at medium, large or small farms.

How do cotton harvesters work? Cotton Harvester

The cotton harvesting procedure is performed immediately after its defoliation. By using a modern cotton harvester, you may get a bigger yield of crops, save time and minimize the impact of the human factor.

The working node of cotton-harvesting equipment can be

  • Spindle;
  • Cardan-joint;
  • Simply pneumatic or pneumatic-mechanical;
  • Electromechanical.

The devices can be mounted or self-propelled. Cotton harvesters of the second type can be either two-row of three-row, which allows the device to reap the harvest from multiple rows at once.

Cotton harvesting procedure is divided into the following stages:

  • The equipment is moved so that the cotton row is under the working throat of the device.
  • Nozzles suck the cotton using the air stream that is sent by a fan. The fan is capable of sucking the air at a speed of 70 meters per second.
  • A separator located inside of the harvesting machine uses the air flow to separate raw cotton from all kinds of foreign impurities.
  • Then the fan provides transportation of raw cotton to specialized tanker.

Mini-harvesters for cotton help to collect small amounts of raw cotton. At the same time all the works have to be done manually. Cotton is placed in special bags that should be connected to the harvester.

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