Machines for Cattle Breeding (Feed Mixers and Feed Dispensers)

You can improve the performance of herds of great cattle with the help of a balanced diet, which requires the use of a feed mixer and a feed dispenser. This equipment improves cattle handling technology and allows you to get a high return of milk and a maximum profit from each animal. When preparing feed for a large herd you need to ensure exact dosage of all components, which can only be made by devices, so you should buy a feed dispenser.

Types of feed dispensers and feed mixers Machines for Cattle Breeding (Feed Mixers and Feed Dispensers)

Modern equipment for cattle breeding helps to ensure the most efficient work of a farm, as well as the high quality of the final product. There are many types of equipment for feed spreading. The most popular devices are considered stationary ones. This is conveyor equipment simply established at a farm. The devices run on electricity and can serve only one room.

There also exist modern feeding robots. When you buy a feed dispenser of this type, you’ll be able to handle 300-3000 liters of feed mixture. This kind of equipment can serve even a very large industrial farm. It provides uninterrupted supply of feed to animals, which increases milk yield and improves the quality of the final product. The use of such equipment for cattle breeding allows to minimize the influence of human factor during feeding and to save on your personnel.

Feed dispensers differ between each other in the following indicators:

  • The volume of containers with feed mixture;
  • The number of auger components;
  • The presence of loading tillers.

You should simultaneously buy the most necessary spare parts for your feed mixer, so that not to leave animals hungry in case of failure of equipment. The parts that are most often broken include auger components that shred the feed mix and spare parts for a conveyor device supplying the feed to animals.

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