Fertilizing Machines (Spreaders)

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Upon surface placement of crystallized or granulated mineral fertilizers, people use a spreader for fertilizers. This equipment is used on fields, meadows, in gardens or on pastures. It allows you to increase the productivity of various crops, increasing the soil fertility. With the help of a spreader the procedure of fertilizers application is automated and optimized, the most important thing in this case is to observe the rules of soil tillage and complete everything within necessary agrotechnical terms.

What is the equipment for placement of organic fertilizers by a spreader? Fertilizing Machines (Spreaders)

Before you buy a used or new spreader of mineral fertilizers, you need to determine the most appropriate method of fertilizers placement, as well as terms. According to the method of fertilizers placement, machines can be meant for subsurface or surface sowing. And according to terms, they are divided into:

  • Pre-sowing application devices;
  • Pre-sowing application machines;
  • Fertilizing equipment.

The price of a spreader of mineral fertilizers depends on the type of equipment. Pre-sowing application devices first spread fertilizers just on the ground, and then they cover them by tillage tools. Application of fertilizers at seedomg requires combined machines or planters that apply all fertilizers together with the sowing procedure. Buying a used or new spreader of mineral fertilizers, you will receive the equipment used by cultivators-plant feeders for handling the inter-row spacings, as well as specialized fertilizer applicators. In the latter case the plants start to absorb fertilizers only after a rain.

The procedure of fertilizer application takes place as follows: a (used or new) tractor-drawn spreader of organic fertilizers measures out fertilizers with the help of a specialized feeder; and the covering equipment spreads them, covering the soil afterwards, if necessary.

Spreading devices can be shaped as scattering discs, fertilizer funnels or boom spreaders. Used or new trailed sprayers of organic fertilizers can be joined with tractors or cars. Car spreaders are distinguished by a larger performance, because fertilizers are supplied directly from the warehouses.

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