Horticultural Machines

To buy horticultural machines means to facilitate the job of handling fruit trees. It helps in soil tillage, plants watering and handling. Special attachments save time and allow the owner to keep the land plot clean. The Foodbay website offers the right equipment for various purposes and of different configurations.

How to buy horticultural machines Horticultural Machines

The main criterion for choosing the devices is the purpose of equipment. Taking into account the conditions of use, the machines can be divided into three categories:

  • Handling trees.
  • Working with grass and bushes.
  • Harvesting units.

The website sells horticultural machines from such companies as Kubota, New Holland. The proposed units are working on electrical, petrol engines and batteries. In addition to the described types, there are universal units. For example, a walking tractor with a kit of mounted attachments performs many processes at a garden plot.

Spare parts for horticultural machines ensure trouble-free work of the equipment. Auxiliary tools for walking tractors enable you to perform high-quality soil tillage and plants handling. A walking tractor is used it to monitor the condition of lawns and the entire territory of the farm.

The catalogue of horticultural machines presented at the website consists of walking tractors, cutters, brush cutters and other equipment. For handling the lawn you can purchase trimmers. It is offered to choose a machine working on electricity or petrol. Our online shop presents a wide range of horticultural equipment from domestic and foreign manufacturers. To cleanse the area from trash and to improve the appearance of lawn grass, it is recommended to use verticutters and aerators. The first machine removes dry residues and moss, the second one makes holes for penetration of oxygen to the roots.

Horticultural machines include lawn mowers. By the type of power supply they are divided into petrol, electric, battery devices. There are also mechanical tools driven by human effort. They are only effective for a small plot of land. To use electrical equipment, you will need to connect to a power supply. Rechargeable units operate independently.

The types of electric horticultural machines for a garden plot are characterized by light weight. They do not require constant acquisition of fuel.

How to buy equipment and machines for horticulture

The visitors of the Foodbay website can post free advertisements on the sale of their equipment. There is also an opportunity to make a request for the purchase of the desired product or ask assistance in the selection of the appropriate product. The catalogue contains both new and used equipment. It offers horticultural small-size machines of various configurations and purposes for the work on a garden plot.