Machines for Watering and Irrigation

The guarantee of good crop yields is a well-balanced system of soil moisturizing provided by watering equipment. A sufficient amount of water is an indispensable component for the successful cultivation of any agricultural crops. Before you buy equipment for automatic watering and irrigation of fields, you need to choose the most appropriate type of devices.

The types of watering devices Machines for Watering and Irrigation

Modern equipment for field irrigation is used for new efficient irrigation methods. The most popular ways methods include:

  •  Sprinkling irrigation;
  • Flooding;
  • Flooding in ditches;
  • Watering in furrows;
  • Drip watering.

Each method has a specific technique for watering and irrigation of fields that is used on the appropriate plot of land.

Mounted gun irrigators are used for sprinkling of vegetable crops or forest nurseries. The design of these devices includes a gun irrigator that uses a suction line, a rotating mechanism, a vacuum system, and a support frame. This watering equipment takes the liquid for watering from nearby water reservoirs or temporary utilities.

It works positionally, and a distance of not more than 125 meters between irrigators should be observed. Using this kind of machine, you can water the field in sectors or in a circle.

The equipment for watering and irrigation of fields can include a two-console sprinkling device. Such a machine is equipped with a sprinkling belt with a pair of horizontally arranged pipelines having special spoon-shaped nozzles

Upon watering in furrows they use the watering equipment pumping the water through small, medium or deep nozzles. During drip watering only the root zone is irrigated, which makes it possible to considerably save the water. Plants can also be supplied with fertilizers, alongside with water. The price of equipment for drip watering may increase in the case of presence of additional options. Drip watering allows to increase the yield crops even in case of severe shortage of water resources.

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