In order to save on the construction of stationary hangars or agricultural storage facilities for grain, you can package it in specialized sleeves. This grain storage technology eliminates the need to transport grain to the elevator, liberates the machines and has a series of other advantages. The cost of this method pays off for half a season, however, before that you will need to purchase the appropriate equipment and prepare the area where the sleeves will be located.

The peculiarities of the technology of grain bagging Grain bagging equipment

When you store grain in grain bag, it is needed to ensure an airproof environment, so a grain packing machine is used for full stuffing of a specialized polyethylene sleeve with grain. The atmosphere in the sleeves is saturated with carbon dioxide and contains little oxygen, which reduces the possibility of emergence and development of fungi and insects. Grain can remain in this state for about 18 months, depending of the humidity level.

The materials and equipment for grain storage in grain bag include:

  • Polyethylene sleeves;
  • A bagger for packaging;
  • A tractor with a reloading tanker or a grain carrier.

With the use of this agricultural equipment you can pack haylage and silage, however, sleeves for crop storage should be more durable. Grain packing machines are able to stuff seeds, rice and a variety of similar loose materials into sleeves. In order to simplify the work with the equipment, the latter can be provided with weight hoppers and sensors.

A bagger loads grain into a sleeve, ensuring its full stuffing to a maximum degree. The device works thanks to the tractor’s power takeoff and fills the sleeve with crops through the feed hopper.

The purchase of equipment for grain storage

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